How Firm Should My Mattress Be?

Sleeping, a pastime we all love and can’t do without, literally. But seriously, finding the right mattress for you body can be very tricky and many people overlook the damage it could be doing to your daily routine. Ranging from soft to extra firm, mattresses can come in a range of comforts and choosing which comfort suits you is not just to do with your pleasure.

Firm Vs Soft

When shopping for a mattress you will immediately notice the labelling of mattresses vary from extra soft, soft, firm, or extra firm. For achieving the soft and extra soft feel, a manufacturer will cramp heavy amount so pillow top and cushioning into the upper layer to give it this feel. Extra firm and firm mattress have the foam or spring layers more exposed to your body without the cushioning.

Types of Mattress Materials

There’s a range of different materials that make up the modern day mattress, it’s no longer simply springs and some foam. The most prominent and popular technology at the moment is the tempur-pedic memory foam material. Originally developed by NASA for use in space, this unique material molds to the shape of your body while your body heats up with the contact to the surface. This mold then holds it’s shape, even for some time after you have lifted yourself off the mattress. The reason why these are so popular is that it spreads the pressure on your body out to all areas meaning that no one area is under excessive stress.

Aches and Pains

One of the main reasons people take the time to choose the correct mattress is the suffering of chronic neck or back pain. These pains can very much limit your everyday movement and lifestyle. And more often than not, these pains can be diagnosed back to the type of mattress they sleep on. But for those who have pains for other causes, chronic back pain can have horrible effects on how you sleep.

Road Test As Much As You Can

When trying to find the best extra firm mattress, make sure you shop around to all local retailers and attempt to haggle on price. You may find that different retailers offer different brands, but once you start seeing the similarities in the lines of mattresses it will be easier to negotiate price.