She’s passionate, enthusiastic, creative, and affluent with the means to invest in her hobby. Her projects are not only a reflection of herself, but a lifestyle that offers a source of recreation and a feeling of accomplishment. She’s a buyer, confident about the decisions she makes and willing to invest in her hobby. Searching for inspiration, she is eager to discover new projects and supplies. She’s the Better Homes and Gardens Crafts Group consumer who is passionate about her craft — it’s her lifestyle.

The Enthusiast Panel American Patchwork & Quilting Reader Profile

  • 100% are female
  • 88% are married
  • 82% are college educated
  • Median Age is 53
  • Median household income is $68,887
  • 96% own their own home
  • Median Home Value is $210,263
  • Spends an average of 8 hours quilting per week
  • Completes an average of 11 quilting projets a year

Holiday Titles Target Demographics/Statistics

  • Primary audience is affluent women
  • Target age is 35-55
  • $7.6 billion is spent on Christmas decorations alone
  • $5 billion was spent on Halloween last year and growing, estimated to be up 50% over previous year
  • 50% of holiday decorators also craft and rely most on magazines for their ideas