What You Need to Know About a Solar Combiner Box

In simple terms, a solar combiner box is a unit that combines the output of numerous strings from a connection to the inverter. It combines several strings of solar panels into a common bus.

Every string conductor IS connected to a fuse in a combiner box and the outputs are connected to a conductor. Then, the conductor is connected to the inverter.

A solar combiner box is usually packed with numerous features to bring the output of solar strings together. Some of these features include remote shutdown and monitoring and disconnect switches. The anti-backflow diodes function to protect the unit from any short circuits or faulty components. There are normally solar combiner box diagrams included with the item when it’s shipped to your door. These manuals will come in very handy when trying to wire the system together on your own.

High photovoltaic arrestors are also part of solar combiner boxes. The arrestors offer protection in case of a short circuit and also decrease the current flow from the photovoltaic to the inverter. The system is more dependable because the system structure is optimized.

Why You Need a Solar Combiner Box

The advantages of a solar combiner box outweigh the cost. For instance, if you have a 3-panel solar system, you can route the strings to the inverted box. Therefore, installing, maintaining, and disconnecting becomes very easy.

The box also combines all the cables connected to the inverted making it cost-efficient in terms of material and labor costs. When you install a solar combiner box, your inverter will be protected from an excess voltage or current. Also, when properly installed, you can boost the efficiency of your solar power system.

Here is a guide on how to wire solar panels in parallel using a solar combiner box:

Another reason why you should get a solar combiner box is that it lasts for a long time. Nevertheless, similar to other solar power devices, you need to check for any loose connections from time to time. Installing it is a breeze since the panel cables can be easily connected to the combiner box through a solar connector.

What to Check When Buying a Solar Combiner Box

When buying a solar combiner box, you should always prioritize quality. This is because a solar combiner box is the first device connected to solar panels and there are maybe detrimental effects if it’s of poor quality.

For instance, smoke and fire can occur when a combiner box fails. Hence, it is always important to get one with UL471 certification.

Additionally, just the same as when you’re buying a mower, make sure that you get one that will meet your system’s technical and voltage requirements. You need to check if there are enough fuse terminals for your solar panels.


Finally, you understand all the basics of a solar combiner box. With all the advantages it offers, there is no doubt that investing in this solar device is worthwhile. Plus, it is hard to resist all the features it has.