Steps to Maintain Your Riding Mower

Maintaining your mower both while in use during the mowing season as well as for when you store it away in the off season is very important. Today we will look at the steps required for keeping your mower in top nick. No matter if you have a searching through tractor or zero turn mower reviews, these instructions hold firm for almost all types of riding mowers.

On Going Maintenance

It’s important to occasionally disconnect the spark plug wires to help you check to running of the engine. Then once you have done checking, fasten them back up as well as fasten up any hanging fasteners.

Next, check to make sure that your tire pressure for each tire is correct. This is super important for not only maintenance, but also getting a balanced level cut when mowing.

You will also want to clean the mower in general both under the pan as well as the fuel and oil entry positions. While your there cleaning, also check the current status of the oil and fuel to make sure it’s at the right levels.

Once the mow is finished, don’t forget to disconnect the battery as well as clean around the cutting pan. Some zero turn mower reviews talk about the inclusion of a hose input. This is perfect for connecting your hose to the mowing pan for a thorough clean.

Rest For The Winter

When you’re putting the ol’ gal away for the winter, it’s important that you take a few careful steps to ensure that everything fires up smoothly when the mowing season comes back around.

Firstly, remove the battery (if you can) and place it in a dry and cooler temperate location. This means it’s away from anything that can expose it to excess heat or gas. While you have the battery there, be sure to clean it with a dry cloth and potentially with some battery cleaning fluid if you have any handy.

Now the battery is out, give the mower a thorough end-to-end clean. But don’t forget to remove the spark plus lead wire from the plug  when you go to do this cleaning. Remember to be safe while cleaning too, especially when inspecting the blades under the mower.

It’s important to watch the fuel level that remains in the tank before storage. It’s best to try to run the mower until out of fuel or another alternative is to inject it with a fuel stabilizer. Once the stabilizer is injected, run the mower a few times to ensure it’s flowed through the system.

Once you’re done, make sure the mower is stored in a cool and dry place. Preferably with a cover over the top.

Thanks for reading along today and please send us any tips you may have about how to care and maintain your mower.